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Memory Card - SD FxPro I High IOPS

Original price $11.60 - Original price $315.00
Original price
$11.60 - $315.00
Current price $11.60
Capacity: 512MB
Flash Type: SLC
Grade: Gold Grade

The Secure Digital (SD) card version 6.1 is fully compliant with the specification released by SD Card Association. It can alternate communication protocol between the SD mode and SPI mode.

FLEXXON FxPro I High IOPS SD card provides high performance, good reliability, wide compatibility and industrial operating temperature flexibility.

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Product Features
  • Advanced Flash Management: Static and Dynamic Wear Leveling; Bad Block
    Management; SMART Function; Auto-Read Refresh
  • Support SD 6.1
  • Support SD SPI mode
  • Designed for read-only and read/write cards
  • Copyrights Protection Mechanism
  • CPRM (Content Protection for Recordable Media) of SD Card supported.
  • Card removal during read operation will never harm the content
  • Password Protection of cards (option)
  • Write Protect feature using mechanical switch
  • Built-in write protection features (permanent and temporary)
  • Support Power Loss Protection Algorithm (optional)
  • +4KV/-4KV ESD protection in contact pads
  • RoHS Compliant

SD 6.1, 9-pin

Form Factor

SD Flash Card

Flash Type



MLC: 4GB ~ 32GB, SLC: 512MB ~ 16GB, pSLC: 2GB ~ 16GB

Max. Performance

MLC: Read: 90MB/s, Write: 50MB/s,
SLC: Read: 90MB/s, Write: 80MB/s,
pSLC: Read: 95MB/s, Write: 95MB/s

Operating Voltage

2.7 ~ 3.6V

Operating Temp.

Gold Grade: (-25 ~ 85°C), Diamond Grade: (-40 ~ 85°C)

Storage Temp.

-40 ~ 85°C

Storage Humidity

0% ~ 95%




80Hz ~ 2000Hz/20G


32mm(L) x 24mm(W) x 2.1mm(H)



Ordering Information
Flash Capacity Part Number
Gold Grade Diamond Grade
MLC 4GB FDMS004GMG-1004 FDMS004GME-1004
8GB FDMS008GMG-1004 FDMS008GME-1004
16GB FDMS016GMG-1004 FDMS016GME-1004
32GB FDMS032GMG-1004 FDMS032GME-1004
pSLC 2GB FDMS002GPG-1004 FDMS002GPE-1004
4GB FDMS004GPG-1004 FDMS004GPE-1004
8GB FDMS008GPG-1004 FDMS008GPE-1004
16GB FDMS016GPG-1004 FDMS016GPE-1004
SLC 512MB FDMS512MSG-1004 FDMS512MSE-1004
1GB FDMS001GSG-1004 FDMS001GSE-1004
2GB FDMS002GSG-1004 FDMS002GSE-1004
4GB FDMS004GSG-1004 FDMS004GSE-1004
8GB FDMS008GSG-1004 FDMS008GSE-1004
16GB FDMS016GSG-1004 FDMS016GSE-1004
Enable "Power Loss Protection"
Flash Capacity Part Number
Gold Grade Diamond Grade
MLC 4GB FDMS004GMG-1007 FDMS004GME-1007
8GB FDMS008GMG-1007 FDMS008GME-1007
16GB FDMS016GMG-1007 FDMS016GME-1007
32GB FDMS032GMG-1007 FDMS032GME-1007
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