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WORM microSD + Multifunctional Card Holder

Original price $38.00 - Original price $115.00
Original price
$38.00 - $115.00
Current price $38.00
Capacity: 4GB

Flexxon WORM Memory Card is designed to provide the utmost data security for everyone. This tamper-proof flash storage eliminates the risk of any important information being deleted or modified.

To overcome the obsoletion of CD/DVD ROM drives, Flexxon’s reliable plug and play security solution works flawlessly to archive all the important information, and takes immediate action to ensure data integrity.

Overall package comes with
- Multifunctional Memory Card Holder
- 1 x WORM Card 
- microSD to SD Card Adapter
- microSD to USB Type-A / Type-C / microB Adapter
- SIM Eject Tool

*Free Delivery for orders over $300


  •    Replaces Old Media

    WORM Replaces CD/DVD ROM as these are slowly becoming obsolete in upgraded computers.

  •     Unalterable Data

    Stores and protects important documents from being erased or modified by unlawful activity.

  •    Plug and Play

    Plugin and play memory solution that does not require any software installation.

  •   Complaint to the law

    Complies to the regulatory law of SEC 17a-4(f) imposed to preserve the records in a non erasable and non re-writable memory device.


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