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Original price $40.00 - Original price $466.93
Original price
$40.00 - $466.93
Current price $40.00
Flash Type: MLC
Form Factor: 10 Pin Horizontal - Silver
Capacity: 16GB

FLEXXON’s Industrial USB Flash Module (FxReg series) is fully compatible with USB specification (USB 1.1 / USB 2.0 / USB 3.1 Gen 1).

It offers good performance, wide compatibility and high reliability, suitable for different types of applications and built-in systems under a rigorous environment.

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Ordering Information
Flash Form Factor Capacity Part Number
Silver Diamond
MLC 10 Pin Horizontal 16GB FUUD016GMS-U200 FUUD016GME-U200
32GB FUUD032GMS-U200 FUUD032GME-U200
64GB FUUD064GMS-U200 FUUD064GME-U200
128GB FUUD128GMS-U200 FUUD128GME-U200
256GB FUUD256GMS-U200 FUUD256GME-U200
20 Pin Horizontal 16GB FUUE016GMS-U200 FUUE016GME-U200
32GB FUUE032GMS-U200 FUUE032GME-U200
64GB FUUE064GMS-U200 FUUE064GME-U200
128GB FUUE128GMS-U200 FUUE128GME-U200
256GB FUUE256GMS-U200 FUUE256GME-U200
3D TLC 10 Pin Horizontal 64GB FUUD064GBS-U200 FUUD064GBE-U200
128GB FUUD128GBS-U200 FUUD128GBE-U200
256GB FUUD256GBS-U200 FUUD256GBE-U200
512GB FUUD512GBS-U200 FUUD512GBE-U200
20 Pin Vertical 64GB FUUE064GBS-U200 FUUE064GBE-U200
128GB FUUE128GBS-U200 FUUE128GBE-U200
256GB FUUE256GBS-U200 FUUE256GBE-U200
512GB FUUE512GBS-U200 FUUE512GBE-U200
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